G General | 97 minutes


Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers star in this classic comedy about a chemist who discovers the secret of eternal youth. For years Dr. Barnaby Fulton (Grant) has been working on a youth-restoring serum with little success, until the day a chimpanzee gets loose in the lab and accidentally concocts the exact formula Fulton has been searching for. The hilarity begins when, unbeknownst to anyone, the chimpanzee pours it into the office water cooler. With each successive drink, everyone gets younger and younger. When Fulton's stunning secretary Lois (Monroe) and his lovely wife Edwina (Rogers) get a taste of the potion, the chemical reaction is explosive and hilarious fun!




  • Charles Coburn
  • Douglas Spencer
  • Olan Soule
  • John McKee
  • Bill McLean
  • George 'Foghorn' Winslow
  • Jerry Sheldon
  • Ginger Rogers
  • Robert Nichols
  • Olive Carey
  • Isabel Withers
  • Terry Goodman
  • Louis Lettieri
  • Mary Field
  • Melinda Plowman
  • Rudy Lee
  • Gil Stratton
  • Jerry Paris
  • Jimmy Roebuck
  • MacK Williams
  • Russ Clark
  • Larry Keating
  • Harry Bartell
  • Cary Grant
  • Ruth Warren
  • Heinie Conklin
  • Ray Montgomery
  • Esther Dale
  • Dabbs Greer
  • Roger Moore
  • Brad Mora
  • Hugh Marlowe
  • Ronnie Clark
  • Harry Carter
  • Kathleen Freeman
  • George Eldredge
  • Harry Carey Jr.
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Paul Maxey
  • Emmett Lynn
  • Joseph Mell
  • Marjorie Halliday
  • Robert Cornthwaite
  • Henri Letondal
  • Harry Seymour
  • Faire Binney
  • Forbes Murray
  • Mickey Little
  • Howard Hawks