M | 30 minutes


Taking a modern look at friendship and romance, ensemble comedy NEW GIRL enters its fifth season with an uninterrupted run of all-new episodes that are full of change for its group of five friends, their inter-connected romantic exploits and their often hilariously misguided attempts to find their respective places in the world.

As the series’ fourth season came to a close, the loft mates were faced with some happy and bittersweet adjustments. Jess and Nick each moved on from their romance, while secretly leaving the door open for a future reconciliation. Schmidt proposed to his on-again, off-again girlfriend Cece, who happily accepted. Winston took a major step towards adulthood by becoming a dedicated police officer and Coach moved out of the loft and headed to New York City.

In the upcoming fifth season, NEW GIRL will celebrate its landmark 100th episode. Jess will realize she would rather spend time with her date’s parents than him; Cece’s mother arrives in town for her daughter’s engagement party; and Nick and Schmidt try to run the bar and turn the loft into an Airbnb while Jess is on jury duty.




  • Hannah Simone
  • Max Greenfield
  • Zooey Deschanel
  • Jake Johnson